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Ray Tapajna mixes thought provoking art with published articles

Play Ball - rare U.S. Postage Stamp art
The Pronk- Travis Hafner- Grand Slam record
Adam and Eve in our economic crisis
Obama's Cart before the Horse economy a dud
American Dream Burning call White House
Babe Ruth the Bambino ( soft-touch fabric art )
Babe Ruth ( reverse soft-touch edition)
Big Government marries Big Business, unemployed not invited
(MORE ART BELOW ) or click : http://bit.ly/ray-tapajna-artwork Ray Tapajna Chronicles forecasted economic crisis - see http://linkbun.ch/aztb news and issues sites

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NEW! - IN CELEBRATION OF JIM THOME HITTING HIS 500th HOME RUN, Ray has 3 limited editions of Jim Thome with him in a Cleveland Indians uniform, a Phillies uniform and a Chicago White Sox uniform hitting his 500th career home run - email tapsearch@fastmail.net with any questions.

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