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Ray Tapajna Living Healing Color Therapy Art and Living Journal Resources
Color Therapy art, Healing Art, Living Journal news,
By: Ray Tapajna

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Ray Tapajna Living Journal sites at Tapsearch Com World

[b] Ray is an advocate for workers dignity, local economies and real world trade. He mixes articles with his Art that Talks. His main news and issues sites are at http://tapsearch.com/tapartnews

At http://bridgeurl.com/tapsearch-com-news-search has a slideshow of 31 first page overviews of his news/issues sites where you can click on one after another for list of articles on any given site.

Follow his journey in the global economic arena for insight into the Bewildered New World of Dis-order and see what caused it.

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Ray's Play Ball Sports Art dedicated to Omar Vizquel

PLAY BALL Collectible Sports Art
Ray Tapajna's unique sports art, also available on U.S. Postage Stamps, features PLAY BALL, dedicated to Omar Vizquel, has more than 10,000 views at http://ray-tapajna.artistwebsites.com It depicts a symphony of reactions to a ball and a bat. See all of Ray's art including his Art that Talks, Flowers for you that last forever and Living Healing Color Therapy Art too.

You can view his Living Healing Art live and in motion at his bio pages at http://tapsearch.com/about-ray-tapajna Whenever you need a break come by and let the refreshing waters come your day to lift your spirit and your day.

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A Healing in Golden Sunlight and Valentine Flowers for you

A Healing in Golden Sunlight
Valentine Flowers for you that last forever
This is Ray's latest Living Healing Art for you. Let it light up your day and take your troubles away. See news stories about Ray's art at http://ray-tapajna.artistwebsites.com/news.html
Main gallery site at http://ray-tapajna.artistwebsites.com

[/b]View Ray's Living Healing Color Therapy Art live in motion at http://tapsearch.com/about-ray-tapajna Click on any image to view each on its own page and show it to loved ones in hospitals, nursing homes, treatment centers, rehab etc and help wash their troubles away. Let it refresh yours and their spirit and day.

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Healing in Blue Living Waters is Tumblr Summer Art of the Week

Healing in Blue Shell Waters
Ray Tapajna new "Living Art" now available at http://ray-tapajna.artistwebpages.com and is available on canvas, as acrylic, framed picture, greeting cards or metal art . His Healing in Blue Living Waters was selected as Tumblr Summer Art of the Week. Search under tumblr healing in blue art or ray tapajna tumblr for story and review.

You can also view his Healing in Blue Waters with the healing waters flowing towards you at hit bio pages. Stay awhile and let the waters heal whatever is troubling you and hopefully they will bring you a feeling of being all together in one place with time standing still.
See http://tapsearch.com/about-ray-tapajna and
View Ray's Healing Living Art with the healing waters coming your way in actual motion. Click on any image and view each on its own page. Show it this way to loved ones in the hospital, nursing homes, treatment centers etc to let the healing waters wash their troubles away. Try it as a form of art therapy.

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A Healing in Blue Living Waters

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Ray Tapajna 's new Living Art includes Healings in Blue. He is converting many of his original artworks to abstract art. His first Healing in Blue artwork was selected as the Summer Art of the Week at Tumblr. You can view it and see the Tumblr story at

You can also view the Healing in Blue waters actually flowing towards you at Ray's Bio page at http://tapsearch.com/about-ray-tapajna Stay ahwile and let the healing waters come your way. Let the waters take you to the a place where you can feel all together as time stands still.

Ray's New "Living Art" and his "Art that Talks" is now available on canvas, as acrylics, as framed pictures, greeting cards and on metal as a metal art. See his art gallery at
http://ray-tapajna.artistwebsites.com The prices are attractive and you are able to buy 5x7 greeting cards for less than $30 for ten cards and you can inscribe your own printed message inside.

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